Teacher Comments


“Well, reflecting on the past few months, all TELC teachers did a great job in their teaching.  Some even reach out to take on extra assignment voluntarily.  For example, Kym was key in helping our first issue of Pacican Monthly Newsletter.  On the other hand, I was also very happy to learn that they all enjoyed this unique experience.  They explored and learned a lot about China and Chinese culture.  For instance, four TELC teachers were honorably invited to attend (together with other Pacican teachers) a gala performance show sponsored by Shanghai Foreign Expert Bureau at Shanghai Grand Theater on this Tuesday evening. Many teachers are planning for travelling in China or to neighboring countries. I hope that the teachers will continue enjoying their Pacican experience in the following months.”              
                                                - William Yuan, VP of SPA


“Pacican teachers help to improve Chinese children’s future with a second language.”  
                                                               - Chris


“Regarding how my year has gone, in a word:  excellently.  Honestly, this is the best job I have ever had, and I am truly happy here in China.  Everyone at Pacican is a professional, and the teachers at the two schools I work at are a dream to work with.  Of course, the children are precious, and I rejoice every day that I can go and work with the wonderful children.  It really is a dream job for me, and I am so very glad I got this job.”  

                                                              - Stephen


“Pacican classes use a variety of materials and interactive activities to facilitate a child's learning of English language.” 
                                                             - Andrew


“It has been a great year working with the Pacican Academy and I have enjoyed it immensely. Getting acquainted to the new setting of Shanghai and the new experience of teaching was and still remains exciting and mentally stimulating. I have been generally pleased with how the Pacican Academy has treated me from their orientation period, my teaching assignments, and the day-to-day communication throughout the year.

From the moment I arrived in Shanghai, Pacican representatives were present to make my integration to the company and China smooth and comfortable. Our orientation process pretty much covered all bases for teaching EFL and living in China. The orientation group was surprisingly large but on the whole were a fantastic bunch who were all as eager as I was to begin the new experience. As for the orientation leaders (William, Mandy, Edward, and the coordinators), they were all approachable, easy to get to know and managed to make what could have been a tedious event mostly painless.

Pacican assigned me to work in three Government schools in various parts of the New Pudong area teaching grades one to five. I work only weekdays and my schedule has me arriving in most schools first thing in the morning and remaining in the school until I have taught all of my classes. The content I teach complements what the students are already learning, but I am welcome and encouraged to add content about western cultural backgrounds, holidays, or traditions whenever I feel it appropriate. Pacican makes the process of receiving assessments and suggestions from the local teachers quick, making the time to adjust to their requests fast.

Overall, my impression of the Pacican Academy has been fantastic. They have giving me very little reason to complain and any queries or problems that I did have were quickly resolved. I was recently invited back to teach next year by William and while I haven't made any concrete plans for next year yet, I will strongly consider accepting the offer. ” 
                                                        - Nick


“We appreciate everything Pacican has done which makes Pacican and Shanghai feel so welcoming and so much like home.” 
                                                        - Kelly and Sara


“The one week orientation greatly helped to assuage our fears of teaching for the first time. They provide us with books, pacing schedules, and flash cards, but also give us a lose leash to design our own classes, and none of us feel greatly unprepared as we stand in front of the classroom.

During orientation we were able to form an extended group of friends, with whom we socialize with very often.

The coordinators are all extremely responsive, helpful, and sweet: from accompanying us to our schools in the beginning, to texting frequently with updates, to yelling at unruly children & ensuring that they behave, they have been invaluable resources and good Chinese acquaintances.

We have all been paid fairly and on time, which apparently is not the norm in this country (I've heard rumors that a competitor, English First, suffers complaints in this regard).

I am happy with how I am spending this year, and am glad to be working with Pacican. I have met fantastic and interesting people, including other foreign teachers, our same aged Chinese coordinators, the delightful local Chinese co-workers at my school, not to mention the adorable, wide eyed students with whom we spend most our time.

I live on a generous budget for Chinese standards, which provides me with more than comfortable accommodations and many opportunities for restaurant exploration and other recreation. I still have plenty of funds with which I can see not only much of China, but also hopefully Tibet, South East Asia, and Japan. Teaching in itself has been an enjoyable challenge. And this job has proffered the unique opportunity to witness first hand, and encounter intimately an extremely influential country at a pivotal moment in her history. Not to mention the fact that we live in Shanghai, a breathing emblem of China's transitional moment and internationally renowned cosmopolitan city.

Pacican has kept us busy 9-5 everyday with a thorough orientation to help us acclimate to Chinese and Shanghainese life, as well as the teaching field. It’s a little overwhelming, but they’ve covered everything from good food and sightseeing opportunities, to how to manage a classroom of unruly kids. As novices to the pedagogical field, we’re grateful they have taken the time to prepare us before we stand in front of 40 wide eyed elementary/middle school Chinese children on Tuesday morning! They’ve helped us every step of the way, and without them we’d probably be homeless, starving, and without communication with the outside world. So far two thumbs up!

Despite exhaustion after long days of orientation, we’ve met some fantastic new co-workers and have been enjoying exploring the city together, soaking up all the new sights, sounds, and tastes Shanghai has to offer. Our first night we toured The Bund, a long promenade in the downtown area of the city. The Bund rests on the Huang Pu river: one side is much older and contains architecture from the 19th century and prior, while across the river a jungle of lights, colors, and wildly impressive architecture (like the Pearl Tower) sparkle over the water. It was gorgeous, and could maybe be best compared to the Camps Elise in Paris. Last night we also enjoyed a taste of Nan Jing street, the nexus of a burgeoning China of the 21st century. Also a celebration of colorful lights and cutting edge architecture, Danny was shocked when we emerged from the Metro at a strip of shops, restaurants, and hotels, both Eastern and Western, that extended far as the eye can see and closely resembles (though easily surpasses) the world-famous Times Square in NYC. Sara meanwhile was astonished at the amount of development that has taken place since her last visit here two years ago. It’s true that China is sprinting into modernity, as if the nation has been condensing the development of a decade into a year.  The Metros, by the way, are also the cleanest and most navigable underground transportation we’ve ever seen. Way better than those in the States. Who would have thought that the USA already needs to be playing catch up – but in these ways we sure do!”
                                                      - Daniel and Sara


“Having a heart of patience, passion and assurance, Pacican teachers are welcomed by students, their parents and Chinese schools, because the teachers inspire Chinese students’ passion for English.” 
                                                              - Javad


A Year in Shanghai       

"Greetings! My name is Daniel, current teacher at Pacican Academy in Shanghai. I have volunteered to offer my honest, on the ground perspective:

The immersion in a local school has MADE my experience of China. During the breaks I have grown very close with my Chinese co-workers. They have shared with me stories about their family, Chinese customs, taught me the language, invited me to dinners at their homes and even discussed Chinese politics. I consider them all good friends and will without question keep in touch/return to visit them in the future.

There is a large network of teachers you will meet at Orientation. Use that time to make friends- from it we have formed a core of about a dozen whom we see pretty much every week. The Expat enclave here is tight, and you will meet many young people, teachers and otherwise, from all over the world.

I have heard complaints from others about different companies not following through on payments, but Pacican has never been a problem in this regard. We are paid the 30th of every month, on time and in full. France helped coordinate all visa/additional fees, and returning teachers have affirmed that, upon completion of the contract, you will be reimbursed for the flight. The one month winter break is fantastic. We toured Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, all with money saved from the first semester of work. Holidays here are funny: you ARE paid for them, but about half the time schools will reschedule classes for a Saturday or a different day off. EX: this weekend is Qing Ming Festival. We have off Monday and Tuesday, but I have to work half the day on Monday. The rest I have off, with pay.

Overall, this has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have grown so much intellectually, personally, and professionally here - it has also been one of the most enjoyable and carefree years. How can one complain when the biggest stress on your to-do list involves drawing flash cards of animals for first graders, or memorizing more Chinese characters? I have made life long friends, both Chinese and Western, and call the most rapidly developing city in the world my home. Notwithstanding minor frustrations and cultural differences, I could not recommend this experience more highly."                                                                                                             
                                                            - Daniel