Application Form

Please read the following instructions carefully before downloading and filling out the forms:

Please use a computer to fill out the form. If you can't use a computer, please print out the form and use a typewriter to fill it out.

SEFI needs both an e-mailed, initialed application form and a mailed, signed, and completed application package.

  1. Download and save the TELC application form on your computer;
  2. Open the saved file, type in the missing information, and save again;
  3. Initial where signatures are required and e-mail the completed form to SEFI;
  4. Print out the completed application form, sign your signature in three places
  5. Prepare or have someone else prepare other documents:
    • Copies of your diplomas and transcripts (no notarization is required; Diploma(s) and transcript(s), Letter of Commitment, and TEFL/TESOL Certificate need to be submitted no later than May 31st in order to obtain a Chinese Work Visa. If you have difficulty completing everything before the deadline, please let us know. We may be able to give you more time on a case-by-case basis.
    • A physician's letter (indicating the applicant's physical and mental conditions and whether the applicant is suited to live and work overseas;
    • A reference letter from a recent employer;
    • A recommendation letter from a professor or faculty member;
    • Your Personal Statement (a two-page, typed, double-spaced essay on a letter-sized paper with font size no smaller than 12);
    • A photo copy of your passport photo page;
    • A $75 application fee to be paid by check to SEFI
  6. Put together the printed and signed application form with all the six items you prepared in Step 5 which is regarded as a completed package and mail it to SEFI.

SEFI email address: sefinternational@gmail.com

SEFI mailing address:
SEF International Co.
13022 Monroe Manor Dr., 1st Floor
Oak Hill, VA 20171

Please download the Application Forms in either Word format or PDF format: TELC Application Form (DOC) TELC Application Form (PDF)