SPA Introduction


Shanghai Pacican Academy (SPA)

Established in late 1990s, SPA specializes in providing English language training, professional skills training and international cultural and educational exchange programs.  Between 2004 and 2008, SPA organized professional training for more than 4000 Chinese teachers in Shanghai.  With its management members each having bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees in English, education and/or psychology from renowned universities in China and abroad, SPA is well managed and enjoys a high reputation in the field of English education.  In 2008, SPA was awarded 5-A Status (the highest status) of Non-Manufacturing Organization by Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.  SPA is authorized by the Chinese government to process Foreign Expert Certificate for qualified teachers, the only certificate to legally authorize a foreigner to teach in China.  SPA has one of the largest teacher teams of native-English speakers in Shanghai, perhaps in China.

SPA provides many English programs catering to the middle-class Chinese families.  5-Year Pacican English Program (Pacican) and General Oral English Program (GO) are two of them.  There are more than 80 schools currently participating in the aforesaid programs.  About 10,000 primary-school students register in the Pacican English Program alone every semester.  Both programs combine the western methods of teaching and learning English that immerses students in a natural and fun environment with the Chinese ways of monitoring and evaluation.  Such innovation has been well accepted by Chinese schools and students.

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