Document Needed for Visa Application

• A Chinese Visa Application Form

• A valid passport

• ONE passport photo

• Invitation letters from Chinese universities or organizations:  at least one letter from each university on the university letterhead stating the time you will visit China and the purpose of visit (fax copy is acceptable)

• A return FedEx or USP envelop for us to send back the passport

• Company check or Money Order of proper fees payable to SEF International



1. If the applicant is a child and it is the first time the child applies for the visa, we will need the child’s birth certificate and one of the parents’ passports plus the documentation listed above. 
2. If you just renewed the passport and there is no visa on the new passport, please enclose a copy of the most recent visa to China.
3. If you are not a US citizen, but have a green card, please submit your green card together with above mentioned documentation